Head Coach & Personal Trainer

Victor began his relationship with fitness in 2014 at 31 years old after having kidney stones and discovering three severe herniated discs. He fell in love with health & fitness so quickly that he started coaching less than a year later.

Since then, Victor has become a Level 2 CrossFit coach, and holds additional certifications in gymnastics and weightlifting. Victor is also a Precision Nutrition coach.

Victor’s goal is to show people that it’s never too late to begin their health & fitness journey. He knows that everybody can prepare their bodies to overcome the obstacles life brings and become the best version of themselves. He loves spending time playing with his daughter, watching soccer, and playing guitar.


Group Coach & Personal Trainer
Prenatal & Postnatal Coach
Nutrition Coach

Kat is an Occupational Therapist (Behavioral Therapist), Certified Nutritionist, and a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

Kat has worked around the world in the health and fitness industry for 15 years. Her experiences include coaching fitness classes, personal training, prenatal and postnatal training, leading workshops, as well as coaching on cruise ships, in women’s prisons, and at world record breaking events.

On the nutrition side, Kat works on improving the relationship that people have with food, body image, and self-talk. Having experienced and recovered from 7 different eating disorders, she is passionate about taking the time to work with people to help them become the best version of themselves. She incorporates the concepts of Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Neuroscience to collapse old habits and build positive, new behaviors around nutrition, training, and body image.

Kat was a West Australian State gymnast and competed at a National Level for many years. In her early 20’s, she was crowned Miss Australia and won multiple titles in natural Bodybuilding competitions. Thereafter, she moved into the sports of Powerlifting and CrossFit. Today, Kat is passionate about empowering people to lead healthier and happier lives!


Group Coach & Personal Trainer
Youth Program Coach

Arturo started his fitness journey very early in the caribbean doing various water sports. It continued on with competitive mixed martial arts (amateur muay thai, MMA, BJJ) and competitive weightlifting (2016 masters national bronze medalist). While prepping for tournaments, he discovered strength and conditioning and decided to become a full time coach.

Arturo has an unwavering passion for diving deeper into the topics that pertain to fitness. Because of this drive for deeper understanding, he has studied extensively to increase his education beyond that which is taught as the “truth”. With 20+ years of experience, Arturo holds a OPEX CCP L1, Starting strength, USAW L1, Precision Nutrition, NASM CPT, NASM CES, CF L2, CF movement/mobility, CF gymnastics certifications.

Arturo has personally written thousands of individualized programs for clients all over the country. He has also worked with and trained tactical athletes at every level from local law enforcement to some of America’s elite special forces. Because of his experience, plus having logged more than 15,000 hours of coaching, he is an excellent consultant for all things fitness and performance.

Clients come to Arturo when they have fought for the next level but keep coming up short. His philosophy towards coaching is relatively simple. He meets his clients where they are at and nudges them forward to succeed. Not only does he dial in every client’s training individually, but he also does so with their nutrition. Because no two clients have the same training age, biological age, injury history, training history, athletic background or even lifestyle, he believes no two clients should ever be coached the same.

When Arturo is not coaching or consulting with clients, he finds himself enjoying a gin and tonic, racing motorcycles, racing RC cars, or attending various conferences/seminars on the areas of interest to him.


Group Coach & Personal Trainer
Prenatal & Postnatal Coach

Ivana has always enjoyed being active. She grew up in Northern New Jersey playing volleyball and basketball (she’s been 5’10” since 4th grade), but decided not to pursue athletics in college. She was very interested in working out in a gym but only really fell in love with fitness, and personal training, post-college.

After over 7 years in Hospitality, Ivana decided to switch careers. In 2017, she became a Certified Personal Trainer and started coaching group fitness classes as well as working with clients one-on-one and semi-private training.

In addition to being a NASM CPT, she also holds a NASM CES, Pre & Post-Natal certification, and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach (Level 1 & 2). Ivana’s coaching style is driven by being every clients’ biggest cheerleader; she challenges people to get comfortable being uncomfortable and emphasizes the mindset that fitness is a lifelong journey and investment in their health.

Outside of fitness, Ivana loves to travel especially to Croatia, where her family is originally from, spend time outdoors, take care of her plants, and watch documentaries.



Group Coach & Personal Trainer

Mike’s love for fitness started in high school in between band, theatre, and wrestling practices when he began Olympic weightlifting. He moved to NYC in 2009 and joined CrossFit NYC, one of the only CF gyms in the city at the time. He started coaching group classes at the gym in 2011 and has led thousands of classes since then. One of Mike’s favorite parts of fitness is the friendships with fellow members, trainers, and gym owners.

Coach Mike specializes in training seniors and those returning to exercise after medical procedures. He holds a degree in Nursing from NYU and has clinical experience in many areas of healthcare, from labor and delivery to the ICU.


Group Coach & Personal Trainer

Alex is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing primarily on strength and endurance training, as well as supporting clients in maintaining diets congruent with their needs. Always looking to continue his education, Alex is currently studying for his Corrective Exercise Specialist and Strongfirst Kettlebell Instructor certifications.

With a background in audio engineering, Alex spent over a decade working in live-event production touring with musical acts. Live-event production offered him the opportunity to develop the skills to instruct and manage people to complete projects. Always drawn to fitness, he made a career leap during the pandemic to focus on training full time, applying the skills he learned from the road to develop people’s health and wellness.

In his free time he enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, going for bike rides, and spending quality time with his newborn daughter.


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