You spend a fraction of your time each week at the gym. In many ways, what you do outside of the gym is more important than what you do while you’re here. We designed our nutrition program at Gowanus Fitness to be flexible and sustainable. Get the results you want faster than training alone.

Why it WORKS


Your program is tailored to you. We ensure we work with you, so that you get the results and help that you need.


You get accountability in multiple ways. From weekly check-ins, monthly calls, seminars, and community forums, we are your side every step of the way.


We focus on improving your habits and behaviours with food. You'll be educated on how to manage your nutrition when you travel, attend events, socialize on the weekends, as well as balance your day to day routine.


You'll be set for success. With qualified Nutritionists at hand, you'll get scientific backed education for real results.

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Gowanus Fitness is the most professional and welcoming gym community! Thank you to Coach Kat for helping me put together a very tailored nutrition plan that's built specifically for me and my daily routine. Whether you're looking for a specific one on one training program, a nutritional game plan, or just a VERY MOTIVATING and well curated group workout program, Gowanus Fitness is the place to be!


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