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Our prenatal classes

Our prenatal classes will support you throughout the bumps of your pregnancy. Our prenatal coach will focus on muscle development, strengthening your core and building your confidence, while keeping you safe.

Why it WORKS

Small Classes

We've got our eyes on you! Our classes welcome a few members at a time. We understand everyone is going to be at a different stage of pregnancy. We keep classes small, so we are able to pay full attention to everyone. That way, we can support and provide the correct care to each person.

Professional Care

We've got years of experience. Our classes are designed for you to have fun, but also to educate you on and help alleviate the general, and not-so general aches, pains and discomforts that can come with pregnancy.

Your Pace

We understand! Your hormones play a big role in energy, motivation and mood. Our classes are designed to adapt to how YOU are feeling, so we can support you and keep you accountable throughout your journey.

Healthy Pregnancy

We're supporting you. Our classes are designed to help make your journey during and post pregnancy both healthy and comfortable.

success stories

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I can't say enough good things about their prenatal classes! Though not new to fitness and strength training, I started very rusty. I feel much stronger and more confident in my body's abilities now. Coach Kat has created a challenging, yet customizable program. She is able to adjust and modify for all fitness levels and stages in pregnancy. It's a welcoming, comfortable space, which I look forward to belonging to well beyond this prenatal period.


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