The Kids and Teens in our Youth Program not only learn that fitness is fun, but they develop a greater understanding of why movement is important in their current life and for their future. Today’s youth often focus on a single sport at which they flourish, or they spend many hours attached to their screens in what is primarily a sedentary life. Our Youth Program is here to address these varying lifestyles and to further develop the physical, social and emotional needs of our kids.


Kids (7-11)
Thursday 4:30-5:30
Saturday 11:30-12:30

Teens (12-17)
Monday 4:30-5:30
Tuesday 4:30-5:30
Wednesday 4:30-5:30

1 class for $35
10 pack for $320 (4 month expiration)


Register In Advance
Registration for our weekday Teens class ends at 3pm daily. So please register for class before that time. It’s helpful to know who is attending class so we can provide the best possible fitness experience.

Check-In to Class
Please remember to check-in to class when you arrive using the iPad on the reception desk.

Late Cancel
If you cancel a class reservation within 4 hours of class starting, it will count against your attendance.

No Show
If you don’t attend a class that you are registered for, it will also count against your attendance.

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Why it WORKS

Experienced Coach

Coach Lynsey has worked extensively with Kids and Teens as a Dance Teacher, School Teacher and Fitness Coach. She brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to our Youth Classes. Having taught kids in a wide range of circumstances - from aspiring performers and athletes, to kids in care, she gives every child the attention and care they need towards a fulfilling, successful and healthy approach to fitness.


Our Kids and Teens learn to explore their abilities and train intelligently. Body awareness is key to a person's physical and sensory development. At Gowanus Fitness we meet our Kids where they are and teach them how to transfer what they learn to life outside the gym. Whether your child is looking to achieve better posture, build strength or boost their performance in other sports, they will receive effective results from this program.


Our Youth Classes provide a safe and inclusive space for our kids, and an opportunity to explore physical abilities with confidence. Participants quickly form a strong bond with one another through exercises and play. With multiple opportunities to work together and support their peers, our kids further develop self awareness, self control and interpersonal skills in an environment where they can wholeheartedly be themselves.


While fitness is serious, it should also be fun, and boy do we have fun! Our Youth Program provides the opportunity to explore functional movements through age appropriate weightlifting, gymnastics, callisthenics, and games! With access to an abundance of equipment and diverse programming, we instill a sense of adventure and joy for movement.


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